Sunday, August 31, 2008

Slip and Slide B-day Party

Earlier this month we went to Kilynne's b-day party, she is our niece, she just turned 4. They had a slip and slide which the kids loved, a pinata and Allden enjoyed riding in the jeep.

Cabin Trip August 2008

This week has been fun and relaxing. On Monday afternoon (much later than planned) we headed up to the cabin. Alana went to school in the morning and then we packed up and headed out about 4pm. It’s quite a long drive especially when you are tired. We got to the cabin around 1:30am. It’s always a lot of stress and work to pack up and leave the house for a week but it’s always worth it.

Tuesday morning we woke up to the beautiful sunshine and forest. I just love it up here in Duck Creek in the summer time. Everything was so green and the weather was gorgeous. I would love to live here in the summer if I could. I got the school work Alana would miss during the week so I told her in the morning that we were still going to do school. I worked with Alana and Addy on schoolwork then had some time to play outside. We played Frisbee and walked across the meadow to the bridge where we played red light green light and mother may I. Brett worked Tuesday through Thursday as long as he has his laptop and high-speed internet he can do his job. He also had lots of projects around the cabin that he worked on throughout the week. He did take little breaks at lunch to play frisbee with us!
Alana became quite the frisbee thrower and begged anyone to come play with her!

Wednesday we had schoolwork in the morning and then played outside all afternoon. I loved being up here because the weather is gorgeous but also because I am away from all the responsibilites and distractions I have at home so I feel like I get to spend more quality time with the kids. Allden loves to ride the quad! One of the girls favorite things to do at the cabin is take a bubble bath in the big jacuzzi bathtub!

Thursday after school work and lunch the kids and I headed down the mountain to Cedar City to buy a few things. We bought a new helmet for Alana so that we could all ride on Friday with my family. We had to get some things at Home Depot and Walmart and then I let the kids play at the big park.
When we got back to the cabin Derek and Emily were already there and we had dinner together and then my parents and my Dad’s friends Paul and Spencer arrived after we put the kids to bed.
Friday was a lot of fun we rode quads all day. Our first ride of the day we put Allden on with Brett, Alana with me and Addy rode with Papa. Dad’s quad broke down about halfway through the ride so Spencer towed him back most of the way and the rest of us continued on. Emily’s quad ran out of gas so we left hers on the side of the trail and she jumped on Derek’s dirt bike and they came back with gas. It was quite a long ride and the kids were tired but we had fun. I love riding quads through the beautiful forest. We had some lunch and then went on an adult ride. Emily didn’t feel well so she stayed at the cabin with the kids and Dad rode her bike.

Saturday Dad and Spencer went on a 100 mile bike ride in the morning. Brett, Derek and Paul went on a manly quad ride and I just relaxed at the cabin with the kiddos. We all went down to Panguitch where the race ended to meet up with Dad and Spencer and had lunch. The kids played at the park while we waited their arrival, they finished in just a little less time than last year. Then back to the cabin for a little relaxation and then we went to Cascade Falls and hiked down to the waterfall. The girls are great at hiking, the trail got pretty narrow and steep in a few spots but that never stops us. It was worth the effort and hike for the beautiful views and cool waterfall.
Sunday we packed up cleaned up and drove home. It’s a looooong drive with the kids.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Alana's Birthday Party

We celebrated Alana's 5th Birthday at the end of July. We had a party at Peter Piper Pizza. Alana said she wanted to have her party but she didn't want to turn 5 because she didn't want to go to school. Everyone had fun at the party with food, games and gifts.
Yummy cupcakes, Alana just likes to eat the frosting off the top.

Allden liked to play on the Tonka truck

Tempe Town Lake

A couple Saturday's ago we went to Tempe Town Lake to try out the paddle boats. We left Allden behind with Grandma and took the girls. We could only fit 3 people per boat so Brett and I had to get 2 boats and had to paddle on our own. The girls legs were a little too short to be much help paddling. We went with a group of people and had a great time despite the heat and humidity. Whew! That was a good workout!

Alana and Addy with their cousins Monroe and Patsy.

Swimming Lessons

Adalynn, Allden and Alana have been doing weekly swimming lessons this summer at Swim Kids USA. They all started in the beginning survival class, to pass the first level they have to be able to float on their back without help for 10 seconds or more. When they pass they get to ring a bell and stand on a podium with olympic music, they get a little medal and a treat. The kids get really excited and we are so proud of them. Alana is now in the Bronze Jr. class (I forgot the camera the last 2 times she got her award). Allden is still in the first level and is just starting to get over his fear of the water.

Diamond Backs Game

Intel had an employee appreciation day at the Diamondbacks game so we took the kids and had a good time. It was July 3rd they played the Brewers. It was a pretty slow moving game but Alana really wanted to know what was going on and seemed to enjoy it. It was the top of the 9th inning and we were down by a lot and it looked like there was no chance of a win. So we decided to head out. On the way out we stopped and looked and saw the D-backs had the bases loaded with no outs. So we stood there and cheered them on and somehow they got several runs and came back in the 9th inning to win the game! Wow! A good way to end the game!

The kids enjoyed the cotton candy at the game!