Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3rd Day in Colorado

We went to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Alana was a good photographer. She was afraid of heights and didn't want to look down into the canyon.

Alana enjoyed finding many different kinds of wildflowers.

The kids favorite part of the day was swimming at the natural hotsprings pool in Ouray. The water was really warm like a warm bath. It was nice and shallow in most areas so the kids could all walk around the pool.
Just another day in Paradise! The weather was beautiful! Why do I live in Arizona?

Colorado Day 2

This is the view from the street where we stayed in Ouray.


The kids love to throw rocks into the water.

Colorado is beautiful and pictures don't do it justice! We are in love with the huge mountains and the green everywhere! We took a beautiful drive from Durango to Silverton and stopped in Silverton for some treats and throwing rocks in the river. It's a beautiful little town in the mountains.

Then we drove the million dollar highway to Ouray Colorado otherwise known as the Switzerland of America. We stayed in a nice cabin just outside the town.