Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Silly pictures

 I don't know why the girls decided to put pull-ups on their heads but they thought it was pretty funny so we took a picture.
 Anden was being really cute in the bathtub.  He is 13 months old now!  He has 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom.  He crawls around everywhere and squeals really loud when he wants something.
 Allden and Alydia are either best buds or enemies.
 The girls were sweeping after the huge dust storm!  Everything was covered with dirt!
 Alydia and Allden were playing on the slide at the park in Kanab Utah.  What a fun park!  It's way to hot at home to go to any parks.

 Anden was getting buried by the rubber chips and laughing the whole time.
 Adalynn swinging at the park in Kanab.  She lost her first tooth this summer.
Alana is getting old enough to actually help with the baby....she enjoyed helping him on the slide and playing with him.

Summer Swim team

 Alana has kept busy this summer with swim team at Perry Pool next door.  She is a very competitive girl and enjoyed the races.  She improved a lot this summer and always did her best.  Her favorite stroke was the butterfly and she even got first place in the last meet on the butterfly.  She also did freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke. 

 We tried to keep the kids cool in the sprinklers at the swim meets.  Alydia has really improved her swimming skills this summer and passed the beginning survival class at Swim Kids USA.  She was able to float on her back for 10 seconds on her own.  Allden and Adalynn also took swimming lessons at the Perry Pool and have improved their swimming skills.  They all love to be in the pool.  They all wish we could have our own swimming pool.  We hope to someday.

Getting ready for the race!  Alana also took a diving class to improve her diving skills and really enjoyed it.