Sunday, April 10, 2011

Costa Rica

 When I arrived Brett and his friend Jose and wife Sue took us to a neat restaurant overlooking the city of San Jose
 This is looking out our window at the Mariott hotel....this is where Brett stays when he is working here.
Coco Beach
 The water was nice and warm....we found lots of crabs in the tidepools, we tried to put Anden's feet in the sand and he hated it and screamed!
 Playa Hermosa
 We love the jungle!

 Up in the mountains near Blue River Resort
 My Machito! (this is what the Costa Rican's called Anden)

 Arenal Waterfall

 Rio Celeste Hideaway hotel!  this place was beautiful!
 Tenorio National Park.  The water was so blue and pretty!

 Rio Celeste waterfall!  This was amazing and beautiful!  This was our favorite place in Costa Rica!

 We had to cross a couple bridges across the blue Rio Celeste.  What an amazing hike!  People said we couldn't do it with the baby!

Sitting by the hot springs at Tenorio National Park!
What a fun vacation!  We love Costa Rica!  Brett's parents were so awesome to take the kids for a few days so we could enjoy our 12 yr anniversary....a much needed retreat!