Thursday, October 30, 2008

Visitors and going home

What a lucky mom I am to have 3 beautiful and healthy little girls! We have lots of pink at our house!
Adalynn was very curious about the new baby and wanted to check out every little part of her.
Baby Alydia ready to go home from the hospital and see her new home! We arrived home on Wednesday afternoon. Mom and baby are doing well. Thanks to all the friends and family for all your love and support! It is a big adjustment to have a newborn baby in the home again. No more sleeping through the night for a little while!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Alydia has arrived!

The big day has arrived and Alydia Kayleen Buyack has finally joined our family! She was born this morning 10-28-08 at 9:24am. She weighed 7lbs 13oz and 19 inches long. She was delivered by Dr. Eric Hazelrigg at the new Banner Gateway hospital. I had a scheduled induction and went in at 9pm on Monday night the 27th. They checked me into my room and hooked me up to the IV with saline and my antibiotics then gave me a small portion of pitosson. I tried to sleep a little and Brett tried to sleep on the couch but neither of us got much sleep. Harder contractions started to kick in around 6am. My mom arrived at the hospital around 7:45 just as I was getting my epidural. I was now dialated to a 7. I had to get the epidural twice because she couldn’t get it in right the first time….I was so mad! I wondered if I should have just gone natural that really hurts! Then it started working and I didn’t feel any pain and my legs were completely numb. The doctor came in and broke my water so things would progress. Soon the nurse checked me again and I was a 9. Then I started to feel a lot of pressure and the baby’s head was crowning! Hurry doctor! He ran in putting on his mask just in time to get the baby’s head out. I barely pushed once and the rest of the baby came out. That was easy! They put the baby up on my chest and Brett cut the cord. Wow! I can’t believe she is here! What a beautiful baby girl.

This is my big belly 1 day before delivery!

The kids were so excited to see the new baby! Now we just need to teach them to all be gentle, especially Allden!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Allden

This is me on my birthday October 25, 2006. We were very excited to get our first boy!
Look how much I've grown since October 2007! This is me at 1yr old.

Allden turned 2 yrs old yesterday October 25, 2008! I can't believe how big he is getting! He is saying lots of words now and becoming more and more independent. He loves anything with wheels like cars, quads, diggers. We got him a powerwheels quad so he can learn how to ride. He is not too good at watching where he is going and steering but he'll learn soon.

More cabin fun with the Shields

We love Zion's National park and could go here several times a year. This was taken along the Emerald Pools Hike.

We rode the little tour bus around Zion it lets you get on and off at any of the stops all day.

Hiking the trail. Alana liked to be at the head of the pack with the big boys!

Our friends Nathan and Whitny Shields came up to the cabin with their 5 boys and spent a long weekend with us. We took them to Zion's National Park and did the Lower Emerald Pools hike. Alana and Addy had a great time playing with their boys. They all had to have their "walking" sticks. They all did pretty good on the hike. The trail was more steep and rocky in some areas so Brett had to carry Allden quite a bit.

Addy and Burton are the same age.

Alana and Wesley are both in Kindergarten at Weinberg! What a fun time!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quad riding Fun

Allden loves riding the quad! With a lot of help of course!
Alana is really good at riding the quad and really enjoys riding up and down our little street in front of the cabin.
Addy does really good on the quad now too! We have fun with the little 50 we call it "baby" quad. We're thinking we'll need to get a 90 soon so they can both be riding. It's a fun hobby we love to do as a family.
On Friday our family went down to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes about an hour from our cabin. I love to ride but nobody let me go out into the dunes. I guess it was probably a little dangerous for me being only about 2wks from delivery. Addy and Alana got to go out into the dunes and had a great time. In Utah they let you ride with little kids as long as they wear a helmet. We tried to take the baby quad out in the sand a little but it didn't do too well.
Allden is pretty cute with his helmet and goggles.....he always wanted to ride the quad! So we cruised around with him a little, one time he fell asleep while he was riding with me so he doesn't hang on too well. We hung out in my parents trailer in between rides and then headed back to the cabin to sleep. We sold our RV before we went to Europe but now we need to start looking for another set up either a toy hauler or RV so we can camp out at the dunes with everyone.

Zion's National Park

My parents and the VanCott's and us all went to Zion's National Park on Monday....the weather was beautiful! We took the river walk hike which is a nice paved trail along the river. The end of the trail is the start of a hike called the "narrows" which I would love to do someday when I'm not pregnant or nursing! My Dad says it's a really cool hike through the narrow canyon walls most of it through the water.
"Papa" Pratt and his 2 favorite granddaughters Alana and Adalynn. They both like to hike with Papa and Alana always wants to be the leader of the hike with Papa by her side. We saw lots of squirrel and a few deer along the trail. The girls really enjoy hiking and we all love to be out doors.

Lisa and Julie the 2 pregnant Mama's hiked the whole trail! We had a great time together! Julie is having a baby boy next month (her 3rd boy) I am having our 4th but 3rd girl!
Allden keeps us smiling with all his new words he says. He took the easy way on the hike and got to ride in the stroller and take a nap.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cabin Fun

Allden loves to play outside at the cabin....every time the door opens he wants his shoes and jacket on so he can go outside.
Allden and Addy had fun helping me make cookies!
Hiking around near our cabin. There are lots of lava rocks and beautiful yellow Aspen trees, the weather was finally nice on Sunday after raining all day on Saturday so we just wanted to get out.
Our friends Dave and Julie came up to visit for a few days, they have 2 boys Addy and Allden's age.
Sitting on the front porch of our cabin.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aspen Mirror Lake

This past week we drove up to the cabin in Duck Creek Utah. It's beautiful up here with all the Aspen trees turning red and yellow. Brett is working from here for a few days and I get to enjoy the great outdoors with the kids. Our 2nd evening here we went over to Aspen Mirror lake which is about a 2 minute drive from the cabin. We saw lots of deer out at dusk and enjoyed walking up a little trail to the lake. We love the outdoors and hiking with our family!

Our new house

At the end of August we sold our house and moved into a house right next to our land where we plan to build our "final" house. We have moved a lot in the last few years but hopefully we are going to settle down now for a long time and raise our family right next to Brett's parents and only a couple miles down the road from my parents.
This house sits on an acre of land and it is a new house so there is no landscaping just a lot of weeds and dirt. So Brett borrowed a tractor and got rid of most of the weeds and we planted some grass. We hope it grows so we can have grass to play in instead of weeds. The kids love having Granma and Grandpa right next door. We are working with an architect to draw up our plans for our lot next door.

Swimming Lessons

Alana has been enjoying her swimming lessons and doing very well. She has lessons once a week at Swim Kids and this week she passed out of the Bronze Jr. Level and got her medal. In order to pass this level she had to swim the length of the pool with her clothes on. She had jean pants and a t-shirt and was able to swim the length of the pool on her own. Yeah! The next level she will start working on developing the different strokes. She gets to stand on the "olympic" podium and they play olympic music....we are very proud of her!