Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hiking Brcye Canyon in Utah

We hiked to the bottom of Bryce Canyon with our family.  Alana was the first to the top and even Allden hiked the entire way!  We love hiking with the family and the weather was perfect.  I think this was Mariana's first hike too.  Our friends Aaron and Jeannette also joined us and we all had a great time!

The life of our children

Alana had a lateover with Patsy and Rovie and they dressed up stuffed animals and had fun playing.  Alana got to take her class monkey home and had to write about her adventures over the weekend with him.

We have added a new person to our family.  Her name is Mariana Ferrer and she is 17 and from Venezuela.  She is a foreign exchange student and will be living with us for the next 10 months.  Her english is very good and she has been teaching us Spanish and cooking and helping out around the house.  She is going to Desert Hills high school and has joined the volleyball team.

Adalynn started taking piano lessons and is enjoying it and doing very well.

Anden is starting to sleep through the night!  Yeah!

Alydia is talking in complete sentences and is so much fun!

Alana is loving 2nd grade!

Allden is still taking swimming lessons and is in a playgroup once a week he is the oldest at home in the mornings and loves to be the little bully to Alydia.

Anden's Baby Blessing

Addy, Patsy, Alana, Kilynne, Monroe and Raif after Anden's blessing.

We blessed Anden Mark Buyack on August 1st in church.  All the family was there to support us and we had quite a large circle.  Brett was a little nervous but gave a wonderful blessing.  Brett and I and the girls all shared our testimony and we all felt the spirit on this special day.  I am so grateful for my sweet little boy.  Even though he is my 5th child I love him just as much as the others and it is still so amazing and I am so grateful to be a mother!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Day of School!

Happy 7th B-day Alana!
I made a flip flop cake but it got a little melted.
We had a swimming pool, slip and slide and lots of water balloons.
We had a water party at our house for Alana's 7th B-day.  She invited lots of friends and had so much fun.
Alana loves animals and has been saving her money for a rabbit.  So for her 7th B-day she finally got one.  I think the bunny was pretty scared when we got him home with all the kids so excited to see him.

Utah- Arches National Park and Rhino riding

This is delicate arch from a distance.  It was too hot to hike to it and we still had too far to drive.
We packed all the kids in the Rhino and went out for the day.  Alydia fell asleep once but still had fun.
Alana was so excited this butterfly landed on her finger.
Brett was the lead Rhino and navigator we had a blast exploring the trails!
I was afraid the kids were going to fall over the edge.
We rode the Rhino's to a beautiful overlook.

Telluride Colorado

I love hiking in beautiful places!
What an amazing place for a house at the top of these waterfalls!  We hiked up to see the view WOW!
We parked at the bottom of this beautiful waterfall and had a picnic.