Sunday, April 20, 2008


Alana sang a solo in Church on Easter Sunday...."Jesus has Risen" and my mom played the piano for her. She was more excited to sing in church than she was about Easter Egg hunts and the Easter Bunny. Alana did a great job, I was more nervous than she was!
Papa and Addy in her new Easter dress. Someone told us she looks like Shirley Temple with her hair all curly.
All ready for church on Easter morning.
Allden had fun hunting for Easter Eggs. He really knew how to find them and put them in his basket. He really liked the candy too! My parents hid the eggs all around the outside of their house. The girls had so much fun finding eggs. Then Alana decided she wanted to hide the eggs. She put one in Jenna's exhast of her car and Allden found it put his little hand up there but pushed the egg back in instead of getting it out. We had to start the engine to get it to shoot out.
The girls have outgrown their little big wheels so they were ready to move up to "big" girl bikes. The Easter Bunny brought them new bikes and they have been riding them all over.
Allden got a new bubble blowing lawn mower that he really had fun pushing around outside. What a fun Easter!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bryce Canyon National Park Feb. 2008

On Presidents Day we were up at the cabin and Brett had the day off. After the drywall texture guy was done we left and headed to Bryce Canyon National Park. It's about 45 minutes from our cabin. It was a nice day and the place was beautiful with the pink mountains topped with white snow. We went to the visitors center and saw the video on Bryce Canyon. We also saw the wildlife museum which the kids really enjoyed all the displays of animals. Then we took the 18 mile scenic drive and stopped at the viewpoints along the way and took short little hikes. We had a great time. I love to see beautiful places, you don't appreciate them as much when you are a kid but the kids enjoy being outside in nature.

Freestone Park

One Saturday in February it was a beautiful day so we took the kids to Freestone Park and let them ride on the couple little rides, had a picnic lunch, fed the ducks, and played on the playground. We were going to take them to the zoo but they said they wanted to go to the park, that was easier anyways. We rode the train around the park.
The girls rode the little waverunners
Riding on the carousel

After our picnic lunch we fed the ducks and played on the playground. It was a fun Saturday afternoon.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Articles of Faith Reception

When we were in Europe we worked with the girls to learn their Articles of Faith. We learned the Articles of Faith by song and the girls really enjoyed it. Alana really impressed us and learned all 13 articles of faith. Adalynn knows up through 5 really well on her own. So Alana was invited to the Articles of Faith reception and they even asked her to sing the 13th Article of Faith in front of everyone! I was nervous for her but she did great! She was so excited and everyone told her she did such a good job. They got ice cream sundae's and a certificate at the end. I'm a proud mother!


We have been spending a lot of time at the cabin over the past 3 months. We have been working on finishing the basement and are managing the project ourselves. Brett has the advantage that he can still do his job from there so he doesn't have to take too many vacation days. I’m not too big on living in the snow. The kids don't like the snow too much, especially when it's windy and cold outside. We had a few sunny days that we enjoyed going outside and sledding down the huge snow drift behind our cabin. We attempted to make a snowman but the snow was so powdery that it didn't stay together very well. Sledding was fun- at least Alana enjoyed it. Addy was pretty scared but went down a couple times. She really doesn’t like the snow and cry’s if her gloves fall off. Brett has spent a lot of time working on the basement and we've made a lot of progress. The plumber, electrician, and HVAC guys got their work done. We got a nice big Jacuzzi bathtub for the bathroom downstairs.

Our next trip to the cabin in February: We’ve enjoyed the weather at the cabin it has been sunny and warm. We went out for a walk, I pulled the kids on the sled and we found a big hill across the road that we had fun sledding down. The hardest part was carrying Allden up the hill. It got up to 50 degrees so it was really nice, snow was melting and icicles were falling off the cabin. The roads were getting all muddy. I like the sunny warm days but hate the cold snowy days that we can’t go outside.Saturday was a beautiful sunny day so we went down the road and went tubing down a big hill. We had a great time. Alana was having so much fun going down on a little sled by herself and Brett and I would take turns taking Addy and Allden down the mountain. The last run of the day I was watching Alana fly down the mountain and all of the sudden she turned her sled and crashed into a tree! My heart stopped it scared me so bad! She was crying, and said her back hurt. I ran up the hill and Brett ran down to get her. After a few minutes she was fine and wanted to tube the rest of the way down with Brett and she wanted to go to another hill to keep sledding. She was lucky and we thanked Heavenly Father that night for protecting her.
Our last trip up up to the cabin in March was nice. The basement is just about finished! Now we just need to bring up the furniture and it will be ready for renters. The weather has been much warmer and the snow has melted quite a bit. The snow is turning icy so we were finally able to pack the snow and made a good snow man. The girls have really enjoyed sledding down the big hill across the street and playing in the snow. We have enjoyed the time up at the cabin. It's so peaceful and quiet and relaxing. It's a nice getaway from the hubub at home.

Addy's 3rd Birthday

Adalynn turned 3 yrs old on January 15, we had a little birthday party for her at the Tumbleweed Park. Aaron and Christen and their girls came and Mandy and her kids and then both Grandparents and Aunt Jenna. We had pizza and I made her a Barbie cake. I used a bundt cake and a bowl then frosted them together and decorated it like a dress and poked the Barbie down in the middle. It turned out pretty cute. I got Addy a beautiful Barbie dress up dress, a Barbie My Size Throne and Barbie movie. She also got a couple new DVD’s an outfit, puzzle, blanket, play makeup, game etc. We got balloons with helium and she got to eat at Burger King and play at lunch.
Addy is getting so big! She loves to play dress up (she is all girl!) She loves trying on different outfits and shoes. She also loves to dance, play dolls, and play at the park. She is also quite the reader she opens up the book looks at the picture and tells the story....she is very creative and talkative.

Snowed in at the cabin!

January 6, 2008
After my family left the cabin Brett's family all headed up to the cabin including: Mom, Dad, Aaron, Christen, Patsy, Monroe, and Chad.
Friday we played in the snow near our cabin and tried out the new inner tube we bought in Cedar City. We found a good hill by the cabin and had fun. The snow was pretty deep and we sunk down to our knees in several places. The kids only liked the snow for a short time and then they got cold and wanted to go inside. The wind started blowing really hard that night and the snow started falling.
Saturday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland all you could see was white. The cars were pretty buried in snow and shortly after breakfast the power went out. We called the power company and found out that 9 power poles had snapped and they were working on them. So we didn’t have power all day and all night. It was getting very cold, it got down to about 47 degrees in the cabin without any heat. We all bundled up and piled on the blankets. We only had one flashlight, and the fireplace worked and the gas stove top worked for dinner. However, we couldn’t find our hand can opener and had to open cans with a screwdriver and hammer. The boys went out all afternoon and shoveled snow to unbury the cars so we could possibly get out to leave the next day. Aaron came in to get his keys to move his car and couldn’t find the keys anywhere. We searched all afternoon and couldn’t find them.
Sunday it was still a winter wonderland with lots of wind and snow. The snowplow finally came down our road so we were able to get our car out. The boys went off to Panguitch to get a new key for Aaron’s car. The afternoon was filled with more snow shoveling to dig out the other cars. They moved Aaron’s and the mom and dad’s car down by the highway so we wouldn’t have to dig them out in the morning. Our car has 4 wheel drive so we will load things up and drive to the other cars in the morning and try to get out of here.
We went the long way home on Monday through St. George through Las Vegas it took about 10 hrs to get home because of the severe storm warning in Flagstaff but we got to see some new scenery so that was nice.