Saturday, May 21, 2011

May....camping, mothers day, temple and limo ride

 President Monson urged us to put a picture of the temple in our children's we went down to the temple and took a picture of each child in front of the Mesa temple and plan to hang it in their room.

 We participated in a United Way service project with Alana and Adalynn.  We had a good time putting together school kits we were in charge of putting crayons, CD's and scissors ina a pouch to go in the kits.  The girls were really good workers.
 Addy had mom's day at school. They sang songs to us then we made a little picture frame and decorated a sugar cookie. We had a good time!
 Alana read the most books out of all of 2nd grade so she got to go on a Limo ride to Peter Piper pizza.  She had a great time.

 We took the kids camping for the first time.  We went up to workman's Creek.  The kids were very excited to sleep in the tent they also loved roasting marshmallows 

 We found a pretty waterfall near our campground.  We went on a little hike and came to a big orchard of apple treess and stoppped to take pictures.

 The kids all found "walking" sticks

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Fun!

 Hanging out at Grandma's house for Sunday dinner
 We took pictures of all the's difficult to get all the kids to look and smile at the same time!
 I took the kids to Arizona Museum for youth and Anden loved playing with the soft blocks.
 Alydia and Allden had fun pretending to be Astronauts

 Allden was the big bad wolf and Alydia was little red riding hood....she was afraid of the wolf and ran away saying don't bite me!
 My little prince and princess dressed up at the museum....they had so much fun!
 We went to Bass Pro and took picture of the kids with the Easter Bunny.  This was our first time at Bass Pro it is a huge store and a lot of fun to see all the animals.

 The kids loved watching all the fish in the aquarium!

 Brett won tickets at work to go see the Disney movie African Cats.  They had a pre-show party with radio Disney and got their faces painted.  We had a great time.
 The kids with their cousins....they love to play together!
 Alana's Easter gifts
 Allden got some new shoes, Thomas the Train and a new church outfit.
 Mariana even got presents from the Easter Bunny.  Her mom was so nice and sent the kids all an easter gift also.  Allden, Alydia, and Anden got a huge sugar cookie with their name on it and Alana and Addy got a big easter egg filled with candy.
 Anden got a fun new book.
 Alydia enjoyed eating the candy and she got a tinkerbell rolling backpack to cart all her stuff around and she loves Tinkerbell!

 Easter Sunday with Addy's new green dress.
 Allden is so handsome with his new church outfit.

 All the kids got cotton candy at the SEVRAR family picnic at Desert Breeze park.....there was food and bounce houses and we had so much fun.
 We finally got a bicycly trailer so I can go on bike rides with the little kids.  Allden is a little big and usually Alydia will be sitting in the back.
Allden was so tired at church that he fell asleep on his friend Brody....guess they both needed a little nap during primary.