Thursday, June 23, 2011

Utah trip with Mariana's parents and Anden's 1st B-day

 Mariana's parents came all the way from Venezuela to meet our family!  They were so kind and it was so fun to get to know them.  Now we know how Mariana was such a good girl!  So they arrived in Phoenix on Thursday night, Friday Brett and Mariana took them to tour ASU where she will be going to school then we took them to a D-backs game!  We headed to the cabin on Saturday and drove up through Payson and Sedona and the scenic route.  The first day there we took them to Zion National Park and took them on the Riverside Walk.  It is a easy and scenic hike.
 Alydia enjoyed holding hands with Tony....he was just like Papa to her.
 We went to Bryce Canyon and hiked a little.
 Here is the crew....we had a fun time hiking and taking pictures.
 Anden liked Mariana's shades
 Hiking the trail....very slowly.
 Mariana and the Daddy's

 Mariana really liked Alydia and protected her from her big brother!
 We made Smores back at the cabin out at the firepit.  It was very cold but we had a blast....this was the first time for her parents to make smores

 This was Anden's 1st Birthday!  We sang Happy Birthday.  He has only 2 teeth but 2 more coming in on the top.  He loves to crawl and eat all the time!
 Guns are illeagal in Venezuela so we packed some of Brett's guns and took Mariana's parents out to the forest and set up some targets to shoot at.  Tony and Mariana took turns shooting all the guns....I shot a couple rounds but just tried to keep the kids out of the way.  The kids played down by the stream and went wading in the freezing water.

 The day after we got back from the cabin we had all the family over for a big party and Mariana's friends.  Mariana's mom is an incredible chef and made a feast of yummy food.  We had pork, rice, potatoes, taqueno's, juice, and birthday cake to celebrate Anden's B-day.  We had a great time visiting with everyone.

Anden really enjoyed his cake!  I can't believe he is already 1!  The time is flying by!  We had a very busy week but really loved spending time with Mariana and her parents.  Brett spoke a lot of Spanish....I wish I could speak more.  Tony left on Saturday morning, Mariana and her mom stayed a few more days and went shopping and cleaned up and packed Mariana's bedroom.  Her room seems so empty now!  I sure miss Mariana but I know I will get to see her when she comes back to ASU in the fall. 
We have another foreign exchange student coming to our family on my Birthday....July 17th she is from Norway.  We are excited to meet her and hope she will enjoy our family.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The End of May Phoenix Children's Museum, Jenna's Wedding and Last days of School

 I got a culture pass and took the kids to the Phoenix Children's Museum.  That place is sooooo fun!  This is the noodle forest.
 Alydia enjoyed scooping ice cream and sharing it with everyone
 Allden and Alydia both enjoyed shopping at the grocery store with the little carts, realistic food and checking out just like mommy.

 They went up in the treehouse thing and rolled balls down tubes and did it over and over and over.
 Anden loved the racecar

 Our little artist painting the castle.
 This was a cool contraption you put scarfs in and it sucks them through a bunch of tubes and spits them out and the kids try to catch them....they played on this for awhile.  So much fun!  The museum is perfect for their age we'll have to go again.
 We are all excited that my last sister Jenna got married in the temple to John Dobbins
 What a beautiful couple!
 Me and my sisters.

 Jenna's reception was outdoors at the Mell's house.  It was beautiful!  The kids enjoyed the punch and food and dancing to the music.

 We all helped decorate the car with balloons, streamers and paint.
 The kids love making forts and tents
 Addy's water day
 Addy and her cousin Monroe were in the same class and loved it

 Alana with her best friends at school.
 Alana and Jessica
 2nd grade pizza party
 The school rented a waterslide and Alana loved racing.

 Adalynn's last day of Kindergarten
 Addy and Monroe with their teacher Mrs. Huffman
 Cute hats dads!
Addy with her old Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Newberry