Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lisa's Garden Boxes

This is my very first attempt at gardening and it's been a lot of fun. I made 3 4x4 boxes out of 2x6 plywood and filled them with good soil mix and planted everything from seeds. Now we are enjoying the fruits of my labor. I planted corn, spinach, lettuce, snap peas, carrots, marigolds, cucumbers, watermelon and cilantro. We have enjoyed watching it grow and learning lots about plants. Alana has been watering the garden for me everyday.

Trampoline water balloons

When I was a kid me and my brother would fill up huge water balloons and put them on the trampoline and let the water squirt out everywhere. So I filled up a huge balloon and didn't tie it and let the girls get in their swimming suits and they had a great time! I think Allden was flexing his muscles or something cute. He didn't want to go on the trampoline with the girls at the time but now he loves to jump.

Alydia was just entertained by hanging out in her walker moving around and watching the girls. She is almost 7 months now and getting to be so much fun!

Brett's Redneck Day

Brett spent his Saturday out mowing all our weeds and watering trees and doing a bunch of outside chores and got quite the red neck from sun burn. He killed a couple gophers one by jumping on it and another he threw a big rock at. He also found this cool looking lizard we thought it might be a horny toad but not sure. We let the kids keep it for a couple hours then we let it go. Our neighbors were getting irrigation so with the water flowing down the ditch Brett let the girls go swimming in the ditch. They had a great time. (I guess this is our redneck swimming pool)

Brett and the girls floated all the way down to the end of the street in the ditch. Fun times!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

San Diego Zoo

Saturday we went to the San Diego Zoo which I had always heard good things about so I figured it would be fun to check out. We first went on a guided bus tour to get a good overview of the zoo, it’s huge! We saw some animals from the bus. Then we had a picnic lunch and walked around and saw more animals. We wanted to go on the skytram ride but it broke down and didn’t work for the rest of the day. We saw the polar bear, the panda(it spends 95% of it’s time sleeping) Alligator Fighting Rhino's my favorite is the giraffes there was a baby that was only 2 weeks old, it was so cute. They said they only sleep 30 minutes per day in 2 minute intervals. The kids were still tired from an exhausting day at Sea World so they were a little whiny about all the walking but we still had a good time.
After the zoo we met up with Brett’s brother Tim and his girlfriend Erin who live here in La Jolla. They took us to a restaurant in downtown La Jolla which was good but very expensive. Then we enjoyed a nice walk along the beach and saw all the seals down on the beach and watched them for a little while. It’s very cool down by the ocean compared with inland and we all had jackets on. I enjoy looking at the ocean and enjoying the beauty.

Sunday we packed up to head home. We drove across the Coronado bridge and saw the Hotel del Coronado and drove down the silver strand (a big sandbar) down to imperial beach and then headed back up to La Jolla and saw the San Diego Temple. It is the most beautiful temple! You are just driving along the highway and come up over a hill and then you see it Wow! We walked around and took some pictures. We got some lunch at Wendy’s and then hit the road for the long boring drive home. We got home around 8:30 and got the kids to bed and now we are back to the grind! It was a fun weekend away. Brett really enjoys the beautiful weather and is trying to convince me to move somewhere else besides ugly deserty and hot AZ.

Sea World

We just got back from a fun weekend in San Diego! We left Thursday afternoon and arrived a little after 10pm, the drive takes about 6 hours but it was hard to get away Brett worked and I spent the day packing etc. We rented a 1400 sq ft home in a neighborhood close to the San Diego Zoo. It was a great set up for our family because we had a little privacy and we had a kitchen and had breakfast every morning and cooked one dinner to save some money.
Friday we went to Sea World.
We saw a Flamingo parade when we arrived. Everyone was excited and this was the highlight and favorite of our stay. I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager so I was excited too! We enjoyed the dolphin show, Sea Lion show, Shamu show and pet show. We always sat in the splash zone but really didn’t get too wet. The shows were crowded but we got there early enough to get good seats. The kids really liked the shows. We also saw the shark encounter which was one of my favorites.
They now have rides there like the Elmo Playland is geared towards little kids and they had 3 rides there that everyone could ride. They had a rocking Eel, Flying Fish, and Spinning Tea Cups (I still hate the spinning ride even Allden got a little sick on that one. They also have 2 big rides there the journey to Atlantis which is a roller coaster and it splashes down into the water. That was fun, Alana got to ride it but Addy was just a little too short. Then we went over to Roaring Rapids it’s a big raft you get on and ride down a river and you go under a waterfall and get soaked. It’s a good thing I brought rain poncho’s to keep us dry. The crowds were pretty light and we never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a ride. We folded up some granola bars and put them in the heel of Addy’s shoe and then tied them back up again to give her a little extra height and they let her go on the raft ride.
We were at Sea World from open to closing time we got to see just about everything there and everyone had fun. The weather was beautiful! We also met up with Brett’s cousin Eileen and her 4 kids at Sea World.

Brett was our photographer so he didn't get in many pictures!