Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Grand Canyon

 We took a day trip from the cabin to the North rim of the Grand Canyon.  The drive was a little over 2 hours.  We had a great time hiking around enjoying the weather and taking pictures!

Navajo Lake and Cascade Falls October Cabin trip

Our first day at the cabin we drove down to Navajo Lake which is only about 10 minutes away.  The aspen trees were all changing colors reds, oranges, and yellows it was fun to get to experience the Fall colors.
 As you can see Alana has lost her 2 front teeth!  She had fun skipping rocks in Navajo Lake.
 Alydia had fun throwing rocks into the lake.  She is so much fun and makes us smile everyday.
 We had a nice picnic lunch by the lake.
 Marianna was a big help with the kids and we have enjoyed having her along.
 Alana and Adalynn loved hiking in front with Grandpa Pratt.  The Cascade Falls hike is beautiful with a big waterfall at the end and nice views.  The kids did great on the hike!
 Anden was a good sport and enjoyed the hike too.
 Dad carried Liddy on his back most of the way.
 View of the waterfall from the top.
 Adalynn had fun climbing up on rocks for her picture.
 We took a walk down to the little stream that runs through the meadow in front of the cabin. 

Anden is a happy little guy most of the time.  He is 4 months old now! 

Arizona Science Center

I took the kids to the Arizona Science Center and we had a blast.  They had a new display called all about me.  It had all things about the body, one display showed the digestive system and it even had a little slide you go through with a "tooting" sound effect as you come out.  The kids thought it was sooo funny!  There was a big nose you throw little balls into and then it sneezed really loud.  Alydia got really scared and started crying she didn't like the nose.  The kids got to look at a real sheep brain and all kinds of interesting things.  We also saw a presentation with fire that the kids enjoyed.  What a fun afternoon!