Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Newest Addition Anden Mark Buyack

Our little bundle of joy was born on June 8 at 12:28pm he weighed 8lbs 7.5 oz and 20" long. He was born at the Gilbert Mercy Hospital just 13 minutes after arrival!
Brett was a great support during the intense delivery....all natural! I was relieved it didn't last too long! Labor started around 10am but started getting intense around 11 and we had to get everything arranged and rushed to the hospital!

What a little miracle! I was so excited to meet our new little boy. He sure had a lot of dark hair more than my little girl Alydia! I'm now relaxing and enjoying a little one on one time with my little boy.

Grandma Hunsaker was very excited to meet him and has been very helpful with the other kids while I went to the hospital. It's great to have another wonderful mother nearby!

I'm so grateful to have Brett to help me in raising this little boy he is such a great Daddy!

Anden Mark Buyack....his first name was suggested by his sister Adalynn and we all liked it. His middle name is after his Grandpa Hunsaker who is a great example and support to us.

Adalynn and Allden were very excited to come to the hospital and see their new baby brother. They had to inspect every little part of him and asked lots of questions. Allden is excited to have another boy in the family.

Cabin Trip

We took a little weekend getaway and headed north to our cabin in Duck Creek Utah to escape the heat and spend some time together as a family. I hoped I wouldn't have the baby early in Utah.
We found a fun park and enjoyed a picnic lunch and took some fun pictures. The kids had fun playing with their cousins Patsy and Monroe. We also were there with Grandma and Grandpa Hunsaker and Grandma Pratt.

I was kicked back relaxing and all the kids jumped on me.

Alydia had fun picking flowers. She is 19 months old now and so much fun. She talks a lot!

This is the little stream that runs by our cabin. The kids enjoyed throwing rocks in.

This is the bridge over the river in the meadow by our cabin. We enjoyed the nice cool air as compared to home and I enjoyed relaxing with the family.