Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tom mowing the lawn

Brett put Tom (our foreign exchange student) to work today and taught him how to mow the yard. Brett appreciated the help! Tom has been great with helping out with things around the house!

Alana's medal

Alana passed her Bronze level in swimming lessons! When they pass to the next level they play olympic music and she gets to stand up on the podium and get her medal. She was so proud! We are proud of her too. She has been taking lessons since May and has come a long way in her swimming skills.

Cabin Trip

We went up to the cabin last week with Brett's family. The kids had a great time playing together and having a 4 night sleepover. The first day the kids all went out and made a giant snowman and had a snowball fight.
Allden didn't like the snow too much!

Alana had fun playing in the snow until she got hit by a snowball!

Adalynn enjoying the snow!

On Friday Brett went snowboarding with his brothers and their wives. I wish I could've gone but with a 3 month old baby and still a broken pelvis didn't think it would be such a good idea. They all had a great time and hopefully I'll get to go next year!

On Saturday we all went to Zion's National Park. It was cold and a little rainy so we all bundled up and put Alydia in Brett's jacket. It was beautiful to see all the waterfalls running this time of year. There were hardly any people there so it was very quiet and peaceful. Since the tour buses weren't running we got to drive through the park on our own.Tom is our foreign exchange student from South Korea. He joined our family 3 days before the cabin trip so we took him with us. He had fun hanging out with the family and enjoying the snow. He even carried Allden on his shoulders! Our kids all love Tom!

Brett and Tom by the waterfall in Zions.

Addy and Monroe loved playing in our master bedroom closet at the cabin. They have so much fun playing together.

Patsy and Alana are buds and enjoyed playing together.

Papa enjoyed snuggling with Alydia and talking to her and making her smile.
We have such a fun family! What a fun time!

We let the kids all watch a movie on our bed before going to bed. They have so much fun together!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Adalynn

We celebrated Adalynn's 4th Birthday on January 15th. We had a birthday party with the family at Peter Piper Pizza.
The kids enjoyed the rides and games
Addy and Grandma Hunsaker
Adalynn blew out the candles before we even finished singing the birthday song.

Adalynn got lots of presents from all her family. What a fun Birthday!
Addy is such a fun girl who is very dramatic and creative. She loves to play dress up, dance, go to preschool, play with her cousins, ride the quad and her bicycle.

Lisa and her walker

Well I feel like I've aged incredibly with this accident. I feel like an old lady hobbling around with this silly walker. Brett attached a couple baskets to the front so I could carry things around the house. I also got a handy picker upper stick so I could pick things up off the ground without having to bend over too much. The hardest thing is not being able to pick up the baby and take care of her. I also can't keep up with our 2 yr old Allden, I can't drive. Moving from place to place is painful. I have definately learned patience. I have been blessed with wonderful family and ward members who have helped out with kids and meals during this trial. I also appreciate my wonderful husband who has had to play "Mr. Mom" through this ordeal.
As I'm writing this I am doing much better and able to walk on my own with a limp. It is still a little painful to walk and certain things really hurt but I'm healing faster than I thought and appreciate all the prayers and support for me and my family. Hopefully I'll be back to 100% in a couple weeks.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lisa's Bicycle Accident

Saturday afternoon I went on a bike ride with my parents and a group of people and we were just cruisin along about 20+ miles an hour until I hit a rough road and the bike slipped out from under me and I hit the road hard! Ouch! I was in shock and shaking I had blood pouring out of my arm. I thought I was ok until I stood up and couldn't. They took me to urgent care for X-rays and then sent me to the E.R. for further check ups.
Here is the machine I went in before my X-ray. This was very painful to get rolled onto that bed. They found out I broke my pelvis and admitted me to the hospital! Ugh! I was so depressed and in pain. It will be a painful and long recovery but I'll get through it. I have a wonderful family support group who has been rallying around me and helping out with the kiddos!

Hiking at Usery Park

Friday the day after New Year's we decided to take a family outing to Usery Park. We hiked up the wind cave trail. It was 3.2 miles round trip. It went up about 800 feet in elevation and was a rocky trail. The girls did great and we had a fun day!
We carried Alydia in the little backpack and Allden in the big backpack.

Whew! We made it to the top and rested in the cool shade.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Christmas Day was very busy for us running from house to house trying to spend time with all the family. This year my parents came over in the morning to watch the kids open their gifts. One of Adalynn's favorite gifts was her Tini Puppini, it's a dog that has clothes and shoes to dress it up.Alana got lots of art stuff....she loves to make things! Santa brought a trampoline that Dad will put together! We then went over to have our traditional Christmas breakfast with the entire Pratt clan. It was at the Bakers house. We ate then had our gift exchange which is always fun.

After the big Pratt family get together then we went back to my parents house to exhange more gifts and wait for my sister Jenna to call. It was fun to hear Jenna's voice after being gone for 6 months. She is serving a mission in Washington and has been getting tons of snow!

After talking with my sister we went to Granny's house and ate more food and saw Granny and Brian and Francis.
Our last house on Christmas was at the Hunsaker's with all of Brett's side of the family. We got lots more gifts and ate more food. Whew! It was a fun and busy day with family and gifts. I wish we could spread it out a little more so it's not such a whirlwind.

The day after Christmas Brett worked on putting together the trampoline. It has an enclosure net all the way around so it will be a little safer for the kids. I grew up with a trampoline so this will be as much fun for me as for them. I had fun jumping with the girls but Allden was afraid to jump with us. The trampoline will be good exercise too! What a fun Christmas!