Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Every day life in the Buyack's Home

Alana and I creating some craft project she wanted help with. When I was younger I loved to make things too. I enjoy being a mother although I never get to do much of anything without getting interrupted every couple minutes by children. 4 kids in 5yrs sometimes makes me crazy but I don't know what I'd do without them!
Brett is usually the picture taker so I took this one. When he is home he is usually working or getting things done around the house.

Alana loves to make cards. She handmade all her valentine's for the kids in her class (she didn't want the store bought ones).

Addy wears some fancy dress up outfit usually everyday. She loves to dance to music, read, pretend and make things.

Alydia is 3.5 months old now and is a good baby most of the time, she is entertained by the kids around her. She loves to smile and coo and sometimes even laughs. She even rolled over for the first time this week.
Tom is trying to study. He enjoys watching movies, listening to music, texting friends, and playing with the kids. He has been a big help around the house and we enjoy having him here.

Here is our typical 2 yr old Allden. He loves to follow Addy around and play with her. He likes to get up on the sink and play in the water. He loves anything with wheels...his bike, doll stroller, cars, trucks, quads. He keeps me on my toes!

Hiking San Tan Mountain

Last Saturday we were going to go to the dunes but the weather looked like it was going to be pretty bad so we stayed home and we went hiking the San Tan Mountains. I have lived here in AZ my entire life and I don’t think I have ever hiked the San Tan mountain, it was a pretty easy hike just over 2 miles with pretty gradual elevation to the top. The girls are great at hiking and Allden walks really slow so we let him walk the first part then put him in the backpack so we could go a little faster. The desert and mountains can be really pretty, we went late in the afternoon and the sun was setting as we were coming back and it was so peaceful and beautiful! After the hike we were all hungry so we found a cool Mexican restaurant called Rio Rico’s and Brett had a huge burrito! It was yummy!

What a beautiful view! The desert can really be beautiful!
Resting near the top of the Mountain
Enjoying a huge burro at Rio Rico's