Sunday, June 28, 2009


This weekend we drove up to Prescott to stay with my Grandma Pratt. She has a summer home there and enjoys having some visitors. We were excited to take a little road trip and get out of the heat! We drove up Friday night and came home Sunday morning. Saturday we drove up by Thumb Butte and explored the area. It's really pretty up here.Then we took the kids to the park and enjoyed the weather and some quality time with the kids. After all the playing we threw the 4 dirty bodies in the bathtub and got a couple cute photos.

Ringling Bros. Circus

We took the kids to the circus on opening night at U.S. Airways Center on June 24th. We went with Brett's parents and his 2 brothers and their kids. We all rode the light rail together to the circus and had a great time! I liked the elephants it was cool to see them all standing up on 2 legs on a stool and leaning on each other!

We also saw tigers dancing and roaring!Alana and Addy were amazed and Addy asked "Is this real?" They especially loved sitting by their cousins.
Grandma and Granpa rescued Alydia and got her to go to sleep towards the end. They had fun watching the circus and seeing the kids reactions.


Alydia is so much fun! She is almost 8 months old now and really getting around she can stand up if she is holding onto something and she scoots around everywhere. We have to watch out for all the small objects because she puts everything into her mouth.
Alana loves to play with Alydia and keep her entertained.

Allden loves to push Alydia everwhere in her walker. Alydia is pretty fast in that thing like a little Flintstone baby!

We love those big blue eyes and great smile. She makes us smile everyday! She just got her 2 bottom teeth and is growing everyday!

Splash Pad at the Zoo

We went to the Phoenix Zoo with my friend Collette and her kids and the girls really enjoyed playing in the splash pad! Kids get in free to the zoo all summer!

Celebration of Learning

Alana is saying good-bye to her Kindergarten teacher on the last day of school.
Grandma Pratt and Granma Hunsaker both came to her Celebration of learning program with all the Kindergarteners. They made a special t-shirt to wear and they sang lots of songs.

We are so proud of our little Kindergartener and can't believe she will be going to 1st grade!

This is one picture of her class singing. She made lots of friends in her class and will miss them over the summer. Alana has learned so much this year. She is now reading and writing very well.

Father's Day Kickball with Alana

Alana with her Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Newberry. She loved her teacher and had a great Kindergarten year!
Dad and Alana eating Nachos at the Father's Day kickball event at Weinberg.

Dad and Alana after playing a competitive game of kickball. Alana is our little competitive child and loves to play games. They had a father's Day kickball game with their fathers on the last week of school. They had a great time!