Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reid Park Zoo- Tucson

Saturday we took a road trip for the day and drove down to Tucson. We went with Brett's brother Aaron and his family. We went to the Reid Park Zoo. The kids loved it because all the animals were up close and easy for them to see. We had a great time!

These rhino had a huge horns!

My favorite was the giraffe's, there were 3 of them and they were really close so we got a good look at them.

The elephants were fun to watch too. We saw them taking water in their trunks and then spraying it into their mouth. The funniest animals were the zebra. There were 3 of them and all of the sudden the male zebra comes running from the other side of the cage and chases the female and jumps on her back, giving us a lesson on the birds and the bees right before our eyes - although they kids didn't even understand. But hey it's a zoo and that's part of nature. I had a picture of the event but I've changed it out as some might have found it offensive.

We also saw some lions and tigers and bears oh my! The kids like this better than the Phoenix Zoo because they can actually see all the animals up close. After walking around for a couple hours we headed out and drove up to the top of Mount Lemmon.

We went from 65 degrees in the desert at the bottom to the top of the moutain where there is snow and 38 degrees! There were cabins and people playing in the snow. We wanted to eat at the top but everything closed at 5 so we just grabbed a snack at the general store and headed down the mountain. It was a pretty drive! What a fun day! We want to start doing a road trip once a month as a family to get out and see things and spend time with the family. That's what I miss from when we were in Europe last year was getting out every weekend and seeing and doing things together.

Preschool Graduation

Adalynn has been attending preschool twice a week in the Apples to Zebras preschool program through the city of Chandler. She has really enjoyed going to preschool! She will start a new session again in January in the advanced class because she will be turning 4.

All the preschool classes got up on stage and sang songs for their was pretty funny to watch.

After the graduation we had treats of course!

Sunday pictures

Last Sunday Brett was playing around with the camera and figured out how to set up the camera for a delayed picture so we all sat down and smiled while Brett got it ready and then he ran and sat down for the picture.
Allden all ready for church with his new tie like Daddy's.

Addy getting ready with her curlers. She loves to hold Alydia! Addy loves Sunday because she gets to wear her "fancy" dresses. She wants to wear a dress everyday but I don't let her wear her Sunday best during the week.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Alydia is now almost 1 month old! She is healthy and happy and we all love her so much! She enjoys her bath now.

Big sister Adalynn loves to hold her! She also likes to pick out her clothes and bow she will wear for the day.

I am hoping she will start to sleep longer at night so I can get some more sleep!

November Fun

The weather has been so nice so we took the family to Tumbleweek park for a picnic lunch and play. We took some pictures of the kids playing on the school bus (Allden's favorite)

We are so blessed to have baby Alydia. Everyone wants to take a turn holding her and playing with her. I just have to watch her with Allden he likes to love on her a little too hard.

We went with the girls and their cousins to the temple visitors center to see a movie.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

The weekend before Halloween we went to a Halloween party. Brett was a devil and I was a pregnant angel. I wore a sign around my neck that said "The devil made me do it." We had a good time at the party, we went on a scavenger hunt called bigger and better. We went door to door asking people for something bigger and better than what we had. We ended up with a big pot of flowers but one team brought back a mattress box spring!The girls had fun carving pumkins with their cousins. Brett took the kids out trick or treating and I stayed home with little Alydia and tried to rest.
Allden was Elmo but if someone called him Elmo he said no Allden.

Here is the whole trick or treating bunch....3 witches, a princess and Elmo! They had a lot of fun together.

Here is Alydia's first Halloween....don't think she'll remember much of it!

Addy all dressed up and ready to go to her preschool Halloween Party. She got to play games and get lots of treats.