Monday, December 26, 2011

November Fun

 The weather here in Arizona is so beautiful in November so I decided to take the kids to the Zoo.  I also took Ingeborg and Jenna.  We had fun looking at all the animals.

 The kids love to play at the little park by the petting zoo.
 Ingeborg's first time to the Phoenix zoo.

 Adalynn and Monroe at their first grade Thanksgiving performance and feast.
 Mariana's mom sent Allden a transformer for his birthday.
 She sent Alydia this baby alive first tooth doll that she loves!
 Patsy turned 8 and was baptized, this is all the people that attended.
 This is the loft of our playhouse in the playroom.  We now have a slide and a ladder so they really love to play in that room.
 After Thanksgiving we drove up north around Pine to chop down our Christmas tree.

 Grandpa with his chainsaw ready to chop down the tree.
We brought the forest home with us!  This tree was cut down to 12 ft tall to fit in the family room, it was also about 9 ft wide!

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