Monday, December 26, 2011

October fun stuff

 Phineus and Ferb Show live at U.S. Airways.  We had a great time watching the show!

 Brett took us all to Sushi Ken the kids got to try using chopsticks and try new food.
 Alydia celebrated her 3rd Birthday

 Adalynn has been taking dance and she had a dance concert right outside the dance studio along with a carnival for Halloween.
 Alydia got to ride a pony at the carnival.
 We went to Bounce U to celebrate Alydia and Allden's Birthday
 Allden just turned 5!

 Alydia got a new baby and stroller for her birthday.
 Allden really wanted the Cars cake!  He goes crazy for everything cars 2
 Knut and Allden.  Knut is Ingeborg's dad and was traveling in California for work and came to visit us for a weekend.
 Alydia and Knut she got a rapunzul dress up set.
Allden with his good friend Brody

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